Oyster Extract Benefits YJ-T250kg

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Product No:YJ-T250kg
Specification:  250kg/ plastic drum
Place of Origin:   XIAMEN, China
Note:Oyster juice is extracted from plump, fresh and tender oyster. It is the main material for processing oyster sauce. It is essential to the last drop with rich aroma.

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Special seasoning made with concentrated oyster juice by cooking fresh oysters;
Rich nutrition with multiple kinds of microelement and amino acid;
40% oyster juice content with natural and fresh taste;

Made of the finest fresh oysters obtained from our own breeding ground. Traditional formulation is adopted for application in the process of production so as to achieve the overall benefits of this product. It is ideal for stir fry, deep fry, steam, stew, grill and cold dish cuisines. Add the portion as you wish. HALAL CERTIFICATE (JAKIM & MUI).

Main effect

1. Oyster sauce is rich in trace elements and various amino acids, which can be used to supplement various amino acids and trace elements, among which are mainly rich in zinc, which is the preferred dietary seasoning for people with zinc deficiency;
2. There are amino acids in oyster sauce, and the content of various amino acids is coordinated and balanced. Among them, the content of glutamic acid is half of the total amount. It and nucleic acid together form the main body of oyster sauce. The higher the content of the two, the more delicious the oyster sauce;
3. Oyster sauce is rich in taurine, which can enhance human immunity and other health care functions.


Many people think that oyster sauce is a kind of fat. In fact, oyster sauce, like soy sauce, is not fat, but a seasoning. The soup made from oyster (dried oyster) is oyster sauce after being filtered and concentrated. It is a nutritious and delicious seasoning. There are many procedures for making oyster sauce. The most important step is to boil fresh oysters with water to the ideal viscosity. This step is also the most time-consuming procedure. To make high-quality oyster sauce, it should have the umami taste of oysters. Oyster sauce is usually added with MSG, and there is a vegetarian oyster sauce made with shiitake mushrooms (a type of shiitake).

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