Special Seasoning Made with Concentrated Oyster Juice by Cooking Fresh Oysters

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Product No:YJ-H25kg
Specification:  25kg/plastic drum
MINI Order: 2 M/T
Place of Origin:  XIAMEN, China
Note:Oyster juice is extracted from plump, fresh and tender oyster. It is the main material for processing oyster sauce. It is essential to the last drop with rich aroma.

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Oyster Juice Application

(Improve freshness and fragrance)

1.Adding into Oyster Sauce, Oyster soy sauce, Braised Chicken Sauce etc complex seasoning.
2.Each meat smoked and processed.
3.Each stock modulation
4.Other unknown various field

Special seasoning made with concentrated oyster juice by cooking fresh oysters;
Rich nutrition with multiple kinds of microelement and amino acid;
40% oyster juice content with natural and fresh taste;

Made of the finest fresh oysters obtained from our own breeding ground. Traditional formulation is adopted for application in the process of production so as to achieve the overall benefits of this product. It is ideal for stir fry, deep fry, steam, stew, grill and cold dish cuisines. Add the portion as you wish. HALAL CERTIFICATE (JAKIM & MUI).

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