What Is Oyster Sauce?

Oyster sauce is a thick, savory condiment common in Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay and Khmer cuisine that’s made by cooking oysters. Traditionally, oysters are slowly simmered in water until the liquid caramelizes into a viscous, dark black-brown sauce. But to speed up the process, some commercialized versions are instead made with oyster extracts, plus salt, sugar, corn starch and caramel coloring.

According to one of the most famous makers of oyster sauce Yangjiang, the condiment was accidentally found in the Fujian province of China by its founder, Lin Guofa.He created Yangjiang to sell the sauce, and also can do OEM and ODM.The company is thriving to this day – and is our go-to brand for the sauce.

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Post time: Oct-09-2023