Classic Mignonette Sauce For Oysters

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Product No:YJ-ZX140g
Specification: 140g
Packing: 140*24 Bottles/CTN
Place of Origin:  XIAMEN, China
Note:Delight Oyster sauce is a high-grade seasoning prepared from the mixture which mainly consists of distillation of high-quality fresh oyster. It can be used to dip, fry and cold dress vegetable, seafood or meat, etc.

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Special seasoning made with concentrated oyster juice by cooking fresh oysters;
Rich nutrition with multiple kinds of micro element and amino acid;
30% oyster juice content with natural and fresh taste;

Delight oyster sauce contains 30% of oyster extract. It retains the essence of oyster while eliminating the unpleasant fishy smell and provides a rich umami flavor that levels up any Chinese dish. This is the regular version and therefore it is more price friendly and suitable for mass market marketing.

Water, Oyster extract(oyster, water, salt),sugar,salt, sodium glutamate,starch, ,caramel color,xanthan gum, Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide.


Product size

140g*24, bottle
510g*12, bottle
2.26kg*6, iron tin


Many people think that oyster sauce is a kind of fat. In fact, oyster sauce, like soy sauce, is not fat, but a seasoning. The soup made from oyster (dried oyster) is oyster sauce after being filtered and concentrated. It is a nutritious and delicious seasoning. There are many procedures for making oyster sauce. The most important step is to boil fresh oysters with water to the ideal viscosity. This step is also the most time-consuming procedure. To make high-quality oyster sauce, it should have the umami taste of oysters. Oyster sauce is usually added with MSG, and there is a vegetarian oyster sauce made with shiitake mushrooms (a type of shiitake).

About Us

It is specialized in producing and exporting oyster sauce, oyster juice and other seasoning. Its manufactory is near Tong’an bay where the climate is warm and the sun is shining, the seawater is quite clean without pollution and it is famous for full and fresh oyster. High-quality oyster material, strict HACCP system and ISO9001Quality Management System ensure the mellow taste and great, pure smell of Yangjiang oyster sauce and oyster juice.They are selling well in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. For many years, the exporting of Yangjiang oyster juice has taken the leading place of country consistently.

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