Listen! Xiang’an’s “oyster sauce grandfather” talks about the 40th anniversary of Xiamen’s Special Economic Zone……


One man, one pot, one bicycle
He worked hard, broke through and led the way
The business miracle he created in the fishing village of Xiang'an
The business miracle he created in the fishing village of Xiang'an is still being talked about and celebrated today.
If Xiamen is a microcosm of China's reform and opening up
then his entrepreneurial story
is the 40th anniversary of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone
A vivid practice of leading the development of enterprises

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Ltd. is an export-oriented high-tech enterprise established in 1980, specializing in the production and export of oyster juice, oyster sauce and other seafood condiments.

Over the years, the company has many thick honorary marks such as "Xiamen Old Brand" and "Famous Trademark of Fujian Province".

Its production of Yangjiang oyster juice and oyster oil is rich in taste and aroma and sells well in more than 30 countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, with the export volume of oyster juice ranking steadily in the forefront of the industry.


The wind comes from the sea, thanks for the gift of the sea >>

Qiongtou Community is surrounded by the sea on three sides. From the top floor of Xiamen Yangjiang Food Co., Ltd., you can see the boundless sea. Blue ocean, unlimited business opportunities, Lin Guofa's business opportunities come from this.

The predecessor of Yangjiang Food Co., Ltd. was a humble family workshop. Before the construction of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone in the 1980s, Lin Guofa, a Qiongtou born in 1960, keenly discovered business opportunities - Qiongtou in Linhai is rich in production Oysters (that is, oysters), Qiongtou people in the past dynasties often boiled oysters and dried them into dried oysters. When cooking oysters, a large amount of oyster water would be produced. Qiongtou people would use traditional techniques to boil some of the soup. Oyster sauce is used for freshness in daily cooking, but only in small amounts, only for home consumption.

Only Lin Guofa found a business opportunity from it, so he set up two large pots at home, and began to refine oyster sauce by "turning waste into treasure" by relying on the traditional craftsmanship passed down by Qiongtou's ancestors from generation to generation. Because of his extreme intentions and excessive obsession, the people around him did not understand his behavior and sent him to a mental hospital.

With the strength of the newborn calf not afraid of tigers, Lin Guofa also chose to go to Guangzhou to sell oyster sauce. But he hit a wall everywhere, and once became a homeless man. However, Lin Guofa firmly believed that there was a market for oyster juice, so he chose to return to his hometown to find a way out. After hundreds of practice, he finally made oyster juice that met the quality requirements.


The work of a man who loves to work hard will win


In 1981, Xiamen officially kicked off the construction of the Special Economic Zone. In the same year, a Japanese manufacturer in Xiamen was looking for oyster juice, and Lin Guofa's oyster juice was so satisfying that his first business went abroad, and he thus reaped the first bucket of gold in his life.

Riding on the wave of reform and opening up and the opportunity of the times of the development of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, Lin Guofa has been able to expand his oyster juice processing and export business with the benefit of pioneers.

Over the years, he has always been mindful of the community and his hometown, providing jobs for Qiongtou villagers and recruiting local labour to work in the factory. As President of the Qiongtou Education Promotion Association, he has set an example for Qiongtou students by donating money to schools and is affectionately known by the children as "Oyster Oil Grandpa". During the epidemic, he took the lead in making donations. In recent years, Lin Guofa has been awarded the "May Day Labour Medal of Fujian Province" and the "First Outstanding Entrepreneur of Xiamen", and has been elected as a member of the CPPCC for several times.

Forty years in the making

- Appreciation, joy, challenge and progress
- A distillation of the past 40 years of Yangtze's history
- A vision of the next forty years


On December 24th, Xiamen Yangtze Food Co., Ltd. celebrated its 40th anniversary by bringing together new and old employees to talk about development. Whether they are new employees who have been with the company for a year or old employees who have been with the company for more than 30 years, they are all looking forward to another brilliant year.

At the meeting, Chairman Lin Guofa said, "To achieve a career, you have to have an immense love for it, devote yourself to it and treat it as part of your life". It is with this dream of hard work that he has ushered in the spring of corporate development in the development of Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

Forty years in the making! Lin Guofa is looking forward to the second spring of his company's development, following the construction of Xiamen Special Economic Zone into a new journey and writing a new chapter. As they say, "only when you work hard can you win", so it's the right thing to do!


Post time: Mar-04-2022