Extra Pure Oyster Sauce Product YJ-EP255g

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Product No:YJ-EP255g
Specification: 255g
Packing: 255g*24PCS/CTN
Place of Origin: XIAMEN, China
Note:Extra Pure Oyster Sauce is the best quality of all the sauces. Adapting the liquid refined from fresh oysters, special oysters flavor to dishes, appetizing color to dishes. It can be used to dip, fry and cold dress vegetable, seafood or meat, etc.

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The oyster sauce can be customized according to clients’ requirement in terms of the favor, sweetness, colour etc.

product Advantage

Oyster sauce is rich in trace elements and a variety of amino acids, which can be used to supplement various amino acids and trace elements, mainly rich in zinc, which is the preferred dietary seasoning for people with zinc deficiency. There are amino acids in oyster sauce, and the content of various amino acids is coordinated and balanced. Among them, the content of glutamic acid is half of the total. It and nucleic acid together form the main body of oyster sauce. The higher the content of the two, the more delicious the taste of oyster sauce.

user's guidance

Long cooking will lose the umami
If oyster sauce is cooked in a pot for a long time, it will lose its umami and allow the oyster aroma to escape. Generally, it is advisable to add oyster sauce immediately before or after the dish is hot. If it is not heated and seasoned, the taste will be inferior. Especially when stewing dishes, it is advisable to use medium and slow fire.

Mix with broth and thicken
When using oyster sauce to make goreng sauce, it should be noted that the glutinous rice should not be directly added, but should be mixed with the stock and diluted to make the goreng juice. The oyster sauce is best when the dishes are mature. It is easier to develop color and has a strong oyster flavor. It should not be used in the operation of the soy pot.

Good seasoning for marinated food
Oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for marinated ingredients, which can make the unique umami of oyster sauce penetrate into the interior of the ingredients and increase the taste and texture of the dishes. When cooking meat viscera, marinating in oyster sauce can remove the fishy smell of the viscera, making the sauce fragrant and fresh. Using appropriate oyster sauce to marinate meat can remove its meaty smell, supplement the lack of original meat flavor, add the strong aroma of dishes, and make the taste more delicious.

Avoid high temperature cooking
Generally used as seasoning, it has special freshness, but avoid cooking at high temperature, otherwise it will lose its unique umami and nutrients.

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